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Italian Dining Redefined: Welcome to Casadonna

Updated: Jan 21

Miami is widely known for its gastronomical diversity and the experiences that can be found when it comes to dining. While in Miami, you can find any type of food, accompanied by joyful experiences.

On Brickell, you are set to find numerous restaurants and cuisine styles that will for sure attend any appetite, but also in other areas of the city you are set to find extraordinary cuisine.

Meet Casadonna, a luxurious and redefined approach to Italian dining on a historic landmark in Miami. Located on Edgewater, Casadonna opened its doors late October 2023 and added another dining option to the historic Women's Club.

Tables with decoration
Casadonna's dining experience

Presented as the merge between hospitality and nightlife, Groot Hospitality and Noah Tepperberg have for sure presented something new, add the taste of Ken Fulk, the designer, and you get a coastal-inspired-Italian top cuisine.

Sea view
Outdoor sitting with the best views

Expect to find energy and community at the table. "It’s a big change in the way people eat. You used to get your own appetizer, your own dinner and dessert. Now everything is shareable. You ask each other, ‘Did you try that?’ It’s so much fun.” As Grutman said.

Planning your next restaurant hunt or drinks-with-friends night?

Casadonna is definitely the venue.

Address: 1773 N. Bayshore Dr

Miami Parking, Inc. is proud to serve as Casadonna's parking management company. Please reach out if we can ever be of service.

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