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Valet Parking Solutions

When it comes to valet parking and you’re seeking the premier choice, MP steps to the plate.

We handle every aspect, allowing you to know this important part of your hospitality experience is in the best hands.

Discover the unparalleled MP Valet Parking Experience. 

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Our staff is carefully selected to be, not only efficient and professional parking attendants but more importantly, customer service professionals.

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MP offers hospitality professionals for your unique event.



MP offers restaurants elite valet service for their guests, managers, employees, and of course, VIP clients.

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Our team will deliver VIP customer service to every one of your guests from arrival to pick- up.

The MP Valet Parking Experience. 
How It Works:


Guests provide their cell phone number upon arrival and receive a fully customizable text message with their receipt and information.


The link provides easy access to vehicle information, valet attendants, real-time updates, ticket payment, and vehicle requests, all at your fingertips.


The guest leaves, and the vehicle is immediately taken to the parking space.


As soon as the car is requested, the car is brought, the guest can pay in cash or credit card, and continue the day. 

Technology And Innovation, At The Core Of Our Business 

At MP, we partnered with SMS Valet, developers of the VIP Parker App, TEZ Parking Technology, Flash, AVPMI, and others. SMS Valet uses ticketless systems, and with their system, we are able to provide the MP Valet Parking Experience. 

Our Partners

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Ready to level up your Valet Parking Experience?
Get in touch.

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