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We are our people

At MP, our team is our top priority, and we take great pride in our collective identity. We cultivate growth and knowledge together, fostering a strong sense of unity. We are more than just a team; we are a supportive and tight-knit family.
Entire Miami Parking Administrative, Leadership, and Management Team Photo


At MP, we embrace a culture of continuous growth and development. It's not just a belief for us; it's a value we actively encourage. Many of our current leadership positions are held by team members who were once in the field not too long ago.

Meet Our District Operations Managers

Originating from the field, they have grown and learned the business inside out, now efficiently coordinating the daily activities of our 70+ locations.

Meet Our Head of Supervision  

At MP, we value the significance of continuous communication and connection with our on-field team, which is why we rely on our team of experienced supervisors for constant improvement.
That is our experienced team of supervisors. 

Headshot of Julián Granda Head of Supervision at MP

Julián Granda

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Do You Have Experience In Our Industry?

Reach us to discuss an opportunity. 

1110 Brickell Ave. 

Miami, FL 33131

(786) 515-7435

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