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Miami Parking, Inc. believes its mission is to serve as a collaborative partner for our clients in enhancing the hospitality experiences they offer.

Miami Parking is a white label parking management company. We believe that to serve our clients well we must provide seamless and frictionless services to our clients and their patrons. Our parking management service ranges across all facets of the hospitality industry. Experienced and dedicated staff members offer parking management for hotels, restaurants, private events, and luxury residential properties.

We envision growing with the unique international city our company has a privilege to call home. As buildings rise, and inhabitants move to the southern most point of the United States, Miami Parking, Inc. will be there to help usher in each of our city’s guests at our countless luxury hospitality clients.


Our Services

White Label Parking Management

Miami Parking is a white label parking management company offering our luxury clients a seamless and frictionless solution to their parking concerns. Their patrons approach a Miami Parking station and can rest assured their property will be treated with the utmost care and safety.


Each member of the team is driven by the goal of excellence, consistency, and ensuring Miami hospitality continues to set the standard of care for all burgeoning cities.

Services Offered


Residential Parking Management


Restaurants and Nightlife


Hotel Valet and Parking


Private Events


Shuttle Services

What to Expect

Like all white label companies, the benefit to the customer is that our brand is mutable, malleable, adaptable to our clients needs. When your patrons encounter any member of the Miami Parking team, they are struck by the seamlessness and frictionless service, the shared values and experiences with our clients, and the drive to ensure that your brand, restaurant, hotel, residential property, or private event is all they remember.


Our team is driven by a desire to ensure that anyone who relies on Miami Parking knows the standard of care we provide and can enjoy each of their unique experiences without ever worrying about the safety of their property.

Gif of SMS Valet
  • 100 % digital valet system

  • smart tablets

  • new stanchions

  • 2-way radios w/ professional in-ear pieces

  • custom weatherproof, LED lit podiums with commercial lock

  • custom signage are available at an additional cost.


Miami Parking was among the first parking management services to adopt the use of a 100% ticketless digital system for our operations.


As early adopters, we were afforded the ability to help develop the sophisticated software system behind the seamless user experience of SMS Valet.


Some of the features include:


  • Vehicles can be requested in advance, eliminating wait times.

  • Software monitors all activity for the operations team ensuring quality control and security.

  • System records time of parking and parking location.

  • System helps facilitate claims by logging any potential vehicle damage with documentation and images included.

  • Pre-existing damage is also recorded and stored in RFID stickers.

  • Data collection for daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports.

Safety + Security. Rest Assured. 

Miami Parking’s dedicated and experienced team of supervisors are on duty during all hours of service. They perform various including daily check-ins. They provide immediate support whenever necessary.  Supervision doubles as an “on-call” team, so your patrons are never unattended. Our teams focus on excellence and consistency allows Miami Parking, Inc. to provide the quality control of service and all aspects of the operation, allowing your staff to focus on what happens after arrival.

Our Clients

Our clients range across all facets of the hospitality industry. From residential luxury properties, hotels, restaurants, entertainment districts and private events our clients can expect nothing but the best for their patrons.

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