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We Recognize The Worth Of Every Moment, And We Ensure It Is Purposefully Cherished.

At MP, our extensive experience and professional team enables us to deliver the best hospitality and parking solutions for you. 
Just hand us your keys, and enjoy your time. We take care of the rest. 

Our Story

Since we started business, we had the purpose of redefining hospitality and valet parking, by being solutions-oriented, taking customer service to the next level, and creating lasting relationships with both our clients and collaborators. 
Through time, experience, and bringing aboard the best talent and professionals, we are constantly evolving hospitality, the valet parking experience, and our business by expanding our solutions porfolio.
MP is your ultimate destination for unparalleled hospitality and the finest valet parking experience across the United States.

At MP, We Stand Out.

For more than 10 years, MP has been focused on the mission of providing top-of-line hospitality and parking solutions for our clients, thanks to our professional team and the use of technology.

Today, we are proud to be partners with more than 70 locations in all Miami. 

Customed Attire

MP’s high professional standards provide strict uniform and personnel appearance standards which project a high end, neat, and clean-cut image. Logos and embroidery can be included as requested by the client.


Our team is ready to deliver with custom-made delineators, valet podium and cones. We also offer custom umbrellas, signage, tablets, stanchions, carpets, and motion detectors. 


MP clients are insured from any form of liability. All situations will be fully managed and dealt with the utmost care and professionalism by MP or its insurance agents.

Why should you choose MP?
Because we take care of all your business needs

Our solutions go beyond parking. We create tailor-made solutions for your business and cover everything so a true hospitality experience can be delivered.

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