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Auto Dealerships 

We Are Leaders in Automotive Hospitality

Service Logistics

When a dealership subcontracts our service, it benefits from better insurance coverage, enjoys no liability, and increased efficiencies as our professional auto logistics solutions provide the highest level of efficiency and the best customer service possible 

When It Gets Busy, We Work Better

At a busy vehicle service department, MP typically moves +200 vehicles per day. Each vehicle is moved through all areas within the service department. (Check-in Driveway, Service Advisors, Technicians, Storage, Car Wash, Gas Fill-Up, Delivery).

Dealership Sales

MP also offers services to assist dealership sales. Potential car buyers are immediately greeted by service professionals at the door, experiencing VIP service from the moment they arrive until their final moment of departure. This allows the dealership representatives to fully focus on sales, while MP takes care augmenting client experience.

We Go The Extra Mile

MP also provides porters, parts deliveries, or any other services required for your bespoke needs. Wheel alignment, tires pressure, water and oil checks are further examples of the additional services we provide.

Choose The Best For The Automotive Industry

Long-lasting relationships

We prioritize building enduring partnerships that bring peace of mind to your management team and patrons. Our tailored solutions, collaborative approach, and commitment to excellence ensure success and confidence.



Our company’s biggest asset: Our People!

MP uses meticulous hiring practices to ensure the highest caliber employees. All employees are thoroughly background checked, drug tested at hiring and at random and have a 100% clean driving record. All our staff captains speak fluent English and Spanish.



MP’s high professional standards provide strict uniform and personnel appearance guidelines, projecting an upmarket, professional image. As per client requirements, we include white gloves, name tags, logos, and embroidery in our attire, with custom-made options available.


Service and employees you can trust

Our experience has enabled us to optimize our attendant hiring and training process to identify true service professionals, find the most advanced parking technology to support efficient service and ensure the right coverage to give you and your customers peace of mind.



MP has an extensive and on-going training program, including service standards and behavior training as well as driving skills verification for luxury and sports vehicles.


Efficient and convenient

To ensure efficient and professional service for your residents and the Association, we utilize the latest technology and equipment. To further enhance your residents’ service experience with your condominium, Miami Parking offers additional services including car wash, gas valet and assistance with luggage and groceries at no additional charge.

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